Spooky Potion Bottles

DIY Potion Bottles

Grab yourself some fun glass bottles of all shapes and sizes and get ready to make a fun Halloween decoration. These DIY Potion Bottles are so easy to make and your kids will love to help! Arrange your finished potion bottles in a corner or on some shelves for a spooky fun Halloween touch around […]

Easter egg decorating for toddlers with cool whip

Edible Easter Egg Dying

Make Easter egg dying fun for any age by making an edible dye! Cool whip topping and food coloring make for a great homeade egg dye and there are so many fun color options to make. Dying eggs this way is different from your normal egg dye because it is edible so it’s OK if […]

Hummingbird Food Recipe

I love watching hummingbirds during Spring and Summer! It is so fun and it reminds me of my Omi (German for Grandmother) she loves watching the Hummingbirds. We started making our own Hummingbird food a few years ago and I never realized how easy it is to make. All it takes is some sugar and […]