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Kids Halloween costume ideas

Awesome Halloween Costumes

I am super excited for Halloween this year! There are some really awesome costumes we have seen out there. This year our favorite is the Spider Gwen Costume from the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

My oldest was browsing costumes on Amazon with me when we came across the Spider Gwen costume. She LOVED it and I was surprised she went with it because she has been really into Descendants lately.

My husband was definitely excited she picked this costume. We were all big fans of the movie so it was on repeat in our house for awhile (and no again once the costume arrived).

We got even more excited when my youngest decided he wanted to put on the mask too. He is getting into Halloween this year and we are very excited. In fact we might have our first “family costume” this year.

Spidergirl Halloween Costume

If you have not seen the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, I highly recommend it. It is a GREAT family movie night flick and it has GREAT music!

I did a good amount of looking on Amazon before deciding on the Spider Gwen costume. We went with the below Spider Gwen costume from Amazon because a lot were out of stock in the size we needed until the middle of the month. Plus I wanted it ASAP in case I needed to return it, and this one was also in my price range!

Luckily it fit well, a little big but hoping it might shrink up in the wash (if I she will stop wearing it long enough for me to wash). It is a one piece outfit that zips in the back with a removable mask.

The fabric is thin but there is enough room to wear leggings underneath for extra warmth while trick or treating. This costume was easy on our pockets and is very well put together overall for the value.

Kids Halloween Costume

I was very happy to not spend more than $35 on a costume. Plus, dress up is usually played all year long so our costumes never go to waste (but still I don’t want to spend A LOT).

Awesome Tough Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

We came up with our top Five Amazon tough girl costumes for 2019, of course with Spider Gwen being our No. 1 pick. Hopefully this will get you and your kiddos mind turning if you haven’t already picked out a costume.

I kept the price under $50 for these awesome tough girl costumes. Remember if you need extra accessories for your costume, the Dollar Store is a MUST.

If you order a costume from any of the above links, make sure to choose the size that you need.Β Also be sure to check the arrival date!! I made sure these were prime and in stock when I created this post. I made sure the price was under $50.00 at the time as well.

Some of these costumes are very popular so just be sure they are in stock, or will be in stock AND will arrive before Halloween. If you liked this post I have more costume ideas for boys and girls in my post, 13 awesome Halloween Kids Costumes.

I also love saving Halloween stuff on Pinterest so be sure to follow me for fun costumes, Halloween themed food and decorations!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!




** This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at absolutely no cost to you. This means when you click on one of my links and buy something, I earn a small commission, but it does not change the cost to you at all.**Β 

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