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paw patrol birthday party ideas and decorations
Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Party on a Budget

An easy party set up that is budget friendly, is my kind of party! This Paw Patrol party that we threw for our two year old, was not only budget friendly and easy to set up, but super cute and he LOVED it.

Nic’s favorite show to watch on NickJr. is Paw Patrol (Abby Hatcher too but that show is super new). So it was a given that for his 2nd Birthday we would have a Paw Patrol theme party. I decided to keep it simple but also wanted it to be cute, and it was a success.

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Paw patrol party ideas for decorations and food

Paw Patrol party ideas and decorations for a Pup-Tastic party

If you are a parent, chances are you know Paw Patrol very well! It is easily a child’s favorite show to watch and makes for a great Birthday party theme. You can make it a super simple party, or go all out. Here are some fun ideas for a Paw Patrol birthday that will make your party Pup-Tastic.

I ALWAYS shop around when planning a party because I want to make sure I find the best deal. I like to go to the Dollar store first, then on to Wal Mart, Target and Amazon. It’s also a good idea to see what you have lying around the house before you buy anything. So do yourself a favor and go through all those party decorations, if you have any, before you start buying stuff.Paw patrol party ideas and decorations on a budget

My budget was $150 for this party and I was just under or at $125 total (for food and decorations), thanks to Aldi & Wal Mart plus I used what I had around the house. The only regret, not splurging on Pizza or Chick Fil A nuggets. Only because my snacks went faster than I thought and the party was at noon. So I should have served had an actual entree (we had talked about the nuggets but never went and got them 🙁

I wanted this party to be easy to set up as possible and I did not want to spend a TON of money on decorations. I already had the crepe paper streamers and balloons from Nic’s super hero party last year. The colors just happened to be the same that are in Paw Patrol.


The balloons listed above are super cute and if I would have not already had the ones I did, I would have opted for one those designs instead. You can find both the balloons (maybe not the paw print but the ones I have in my pictures) and paper streamers at Wal Mart for under $1. BUT of course if Amazon is your thing then I got you covered here.

For an easy but cute decoration I taped crepe streamers to the top and bottom of all the kitchen windows. This was really simple and made for a nice pretty decorations. You just cut the size streamer you need, tape it to the top of the window twist, and tape at the bottom. An easy but pretty decoration that can be done anywhere.

Easy paw patrol party ideas and decorations

I wanted to make a big homemade balloon garland but ran out of time so I just had a mini one. I found a how to on you tube and followed that, it was easier than I thought.

I came across some really cute ideas on Pinterest for Paw Patrol party decorations using toys that we already had. My favorite was the plate and fork set up with the Paw Patroller vehicle. We opened it up, set up cups with the forks and plates, then added a few pups to it. If you do not have the Paw Patroller vehicle it can be a great birthday present/decoration if your budget allows.

I found a little Paw Patrol party pack that came with cute paw print confetti and some pop up table decorations. They were super easy to set up and I loved the big paw print confetti pieces scattered all over the table.

I splurged (splurge meaning they weren’t .97) on Paw Patrol cake plates and napkins. Then I just bought the cheap red, yellow and blue plates plus forks, from Wal Mart. The Paw Patrol cups came from the Dollar Store party section and they were a perfect holder for the forks.

I also loved the idea of serving a veggie tray and chips and using cute puns for the food, like farmer Yumi’s Crops and Pawtato chips. It was perfect when I found the Cheeto Paw Prints at Wal Mart so I had to get a bag of those. Then I bought Wal Mart brand cheese balls and mixed the two together.

The Paw Patrol birthday cake from Tom Thumb because we love their cakes! They always taste great and Tom Thumb never disappoints us. We like to order half white and half chocolate so guest have a choice. Our snack food consisted of fruit, chips, veggies with dip, and cheese cubes (well Aldi string cheese cut into cubes).

Paw patrol party decorations and unique party favor ideas


Totally Paw-Some Party favors even parents will love

I am done buying little party favors because I myself am tired of all those little toys we end up with. Plus buying a ton of party favors can get expensive, even at the Dollar Store. So lately I try to buy things that can be thrown away or used once then done. Like stickers, tattoos, balloons, a snack or something that does not make your kid have “more stuff”.

This time around I decided on Paw Patrol tattoos (because every kid LOVES tattoos) and these really cool glow in the dark balloons I found at Wal Mart. The balloons ended up being a huge hit.

It got super dark and rainy towards the end of Nic’s party so the kids loved playing with their glowing balloons. I also had some leftover princess tattoos from Harper’s birthday party so I threw those in too for the older girls at the party.

paw patrol party ideas and decorations

The balloons at Wal Mart were 5 to a pack and I bought three, making it a little over $15. I came across the cool ones listed below on Amazon and you get 20 to a pack for less than $15 and they flash, so I had to add them here! My mother in law said these would be great for the 4th of July too. I would have to agree 100% because the kids loved them (and I really liked them too).

These were great party favors because the tattoos just rub off in the shower and the balloons get thrown away when they stop glowing. BOOM – No extra little toys or “stuff” laying around your house.


Don’t get me wrong I know the kids LOVE all the party favor stuff but I am over it, we have SO MANY little toys around here and I am just done with them. So if you are right there with me, then get on my boat and pass out tattoos/stickers and light up balloons.

There are so many more awesome ideas out there for Paw Patrol party decorations. I used my favorites that I found on Pinterest and what was in my budget. I was lucky to have a lot of stuff already on hand so it made my small budget much easier to manage.

Our little man absolutely loved this Paw Patrol party and had a blast with all of his cousins, which is what matters most. I hope these party ideas and decorations have given you some inspiration for your party!

I have listed some more fun Paw Patrol party decorations below that I found on Amazon while writing this post, so I had to tag them here. These are things I thought were really cool and would have bought or added if we had a bigger budget.

You can always follow me on Pinterest for all sorts of ideas or you can visit my Paw Patrol Party board for more inspiration. Hope your little one has a totally Paw-Some Birthday 😉

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