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Easter egg decorating for toddlers with cool whip
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Edible Easter Egg Dying

Make Easter egg dying fun for any age by making an edible dye! Cool whip topping and food coloring make for a great homeade egg dye and there are so many fun color options to make. Dying eggs this way is different from your normal egg dye because it is edible so it’s OK if your little ones lick their fingers (it’s actually encouraged).

I am sure you have heard of dying Easter eggs with shaving cream, this is pretty much the same thing but we use a whipped topping instead. Both shaving cream and the whipped topping have almost the same consistency so it was a great edible substitute.

This is perfect for kids (ages 1-3) that like to still put their fingers in their mouth or cannot resist to taste stuff that looks edible. It is not for just younger kids though! The older siblings will love it just as much, even if your an adult without kids, dying Easter eggs is so much fun!

Easter egg decorating ideas. Edible Easter egg decorating with coo whip

This is a really easy way to get those Easter eggs decorated quickly and without a lot of fuss. The cool whip sticks to the eggs rather well and you can make some really pretty colors by mixing and swirling colors together.

My favorite, always ends up being the blues and pinks. No egg is the same when you dye them this way and each swirl will turn lighter and darker on some eggs. It is fun because you don’t know exactly how the egg will look until you wipe off the cool whip.

dying Easter eggs with cool whip, Easter egg decorating with toddlers

My youngest is almost three now and wants to do everything his older sister does, so using a whipped topping is great because I did not have to worry about him licking his fingers. I’ll admit, I did not mind much either, I love me some cool whip!

Plus all the colors and texture of the dyed cool whip reminds me of the scene out of the movie Peter Pan, with Robin Williams, where they have the epic food fight with that crazy bright colored fluffy stuff, hey maybe it was Cool Whip 😉 Anyways…..

We get our “whipped topping” from Aldi and I only pay .79 and it taste just as good as the brand name Cool Whip. Use your favorite different colors of food coloring and start thinking about color combinations you want to try and create.

I saved some little egg dying cups from a few years back so I thought they would make for the perfect little bowl for all the different colors. They actually were perfect for this so I was happy I had saved them. A muffin tin also works great as well and you can do a dozen of eggs at tone time. You can also make several different color combinations with a muffin tin.

edible easter egg dying with cool whip, great for toddlers, toddler Easter egg decorating


Edible Easter egg dying, perfect for all ages

What you will need:

  • 1 tub of whipped topping
  • Choice of different colors food coloring
  • Dozen hard boiled eggs (or however many you would like to do)
  • Disposable bowls or muffin tin (however many for the colors you are using)
  • Tongs to remove eggs if desired
  • Egg carton for easy drying
  1. First fill your bowls with the cool whip topping. We filled our egg cups about 3/4 the way full. It does not take much to coat the eggs so you can get multiple uses out of each cup and always add more if needed.
  2. Add desired different colors of food coloring to each cup and swirl with a toothpick or straw.
  3. Easily drop egg into colored cool whip topping and turn to coat egg completely in colored topping.
  4. Set cool whip coated egg into an egg carton and let set for about 20 minutes.
  5. When ready, use a paper towel to remove cool whip topping from eggs. If you have dark colors, be sure to use a new paper towel for the lighter colored eggs or it can rub onto eggs.

Easter egg decorating ideas for toddlers. Edible Easter egg dying

Notes: I have tried to swirl pink with orange several times and they always look pink so maybe try orange by itself or with yellow if you are going for either of those light colors.

You can also let these set overnight but I have not noticed a difference in color when doing so. I have noticed they keep the color better if you wipe with a paper towel rather than rinsing off with water.

To get a fun crackle look on the actual egg, try cracking the egg and rolling a little so the shell is all cracked but does not come off. The dye will seep into the cracks dying the actual egg.


Easter egg dying for toddlers with cool whip.




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