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Summer Must Haves

Summertime is just the best when you are a kid. No school, lots of playing outside, park dates, afternoon naps, swimming at the pool, and too much TV. It also means that it is time to break out the water toys and anything that will keep the kids occupied throughout the day or evening (or make them tired for bedtime).

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Summer activities for kids and toddlers. Beat summer boredom with these fun outdoor toys.

There are so many toys out there for our kids these days. We have bought our fair share of toys and some were instant regrets. My absolute favorite type of toys to buy are the ones that can be used for years!

When it comes to outdoor toys we definitely have our favorites. It gets quite hot where we live so we love to play in the sprinklers or anything that involves water when stay outside longer than 5 minutes.

Here are some of our favorite things to use during the summertime. Most of these are great for ages 1-7 years old, some maybe longer. Of course when using any water toys you always want to supervise your little ones.

Beat summer boredom with these fun outdoor toys

1.  Water Table – My favorite toy that has been a huge hit is our water/sand table. There are so many fun water tables out there to choose from and it is easily the kids favorite toy to play with, as soon as it is warm enough to fill up.

It keeps them busy for quite a while and they help water the yard by splashing around, win win! We have the one in the middle, but like I said there are a ton to choose from on Amazon . These are a great buy because they hold up good outside and can be kept for years.

2.  Water Balloons – Would any Summer be complete without water balloons? Then there is the genius invention of bunch o balloons. I don’t think we will ever go back to the old water balloons after using these instant water balloons!

They really are THE.BEST.THING.EVER. because they blow up so many balloons at one time. We like to play water balloon baseball with them or just throw them around at each other. We will go through 150 balloons EASY so I like to buy the big multi packs. I will admit the clean up sucks BUT it really is so much fun!! You can get these guys in any store now or delivered thanks to Amazon!

3. Blow Up Pool – Now there are pros and cons to a blow up pool. It takes awhile to fill up and you have to clean it or the water will get all funky. Then there is the big brown spot it leaves in the grass. BUT, it is loads of fun for the kids.

Harper has been playing in a good sized blow up pool since she was 4 and it is HOURS of fun. They are a lot of work so beware, we clean ours regularly and empty the water VERY frequently. Then we move it around so the brown spot in the grass do not get too bad.

If you do not have regular access to a pool but your kid LOVES the water and swimming, then a blow up pool might just be worth it. Depending on your kids age there are some really neat blow up pools to choose from. Last Summer we had the one in the middle but we plan to upgrade this year 😉

4. Splash Pads – If a blow up pool is to much of a commitment, there are some really neat splash pads too. These are super easy to set up and hook up to your water hose. When you are done just turn off the water, drain the pad and let dry.

These are also nice because you can control the water pressure. For a higher fountain turn the water up, for smaller kiddos you can keep the water on low so they do not get water in their face. We have the first one here and Nic loved it last year (he was just over one year old).

5. Sprinkler – Of course there is also just a good ol’ fashion sprinkler. You either already have one for the yard, or you can get kid friendly ones. Another popular outdoor toy that has some really awesome selections to choose from now.

A sprinkler is great and definitely easy to get out and put away, plus your yard gets watered while the kids run around! I don’t know about you but there were definitely not this many sprinklers to choose from when I was a kid.

A good ol’ sprinkler worked just fine for us back in the day. But if you are wanting to up your sprinkler game then try some of these fun kid friendly ones or click on any of the ones below.

6. Slip and Slide – Oh the fun of a slip and slide, I do not miss those bruises though! Slip and slides are best in nice fluffy grass and more for older kids. Again, they don’t make slip and slides like they used to and there are some pretty cool ones to choose from now and days.

Slip and slides are easy to set up and take down, plus they provide loads of fun. They have some pretty crazy ones now that can have up to 3 people slide at once! Or what about the baseball slip and slide!? Take your slip and slide to the next level with any of these.


Of course there are always the free things to do in the yard during the Summer too. Like playing the rain, sidewalk chalk or just get a bucket of water out for the kids to play in. We pretty much do a little of everything throughout the Summer.

What are some of your family’s favorite summer toys? I love the Summertime and finding new fun things for the kids to do.

If you enjoyed this post or like to find fun stuff for the kids to keep busy then be sure to check out my Summertime Board on Pinterest too for more fun summer fun ideas.

Happy Summer!

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  1. Our water table definitely gets a lot of use over the summer! The sprinkler is a big hit too. We have a pool for the kids that has hard sides, and I think it may be on its last legs. We may get a blowup pool this summer but will be sure to take your maintenance suggestions under consideration! Thanks for this great list of outdoor toys for the summer!

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