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Two Weeks of School Lunch Box Ideas

Sometimes you hit a lunch rut and it can feel like you have run out of ideas for the kiddos. I totally fall into food ruts every now and then, it is almost like writers block but with food.

easy school lunches for kids

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It’s like you forget about all the things you have made in the past or have thrown together for a lunch. I try to take pictures when I make Harper’s lunch and I do the same thing, or try to, with my lunches.

When I go back to flip through pictures I have taken, it reminds me of pas lunches I had put together. It sparks my brain so I make a note to make it in the near future, or I will go add the ingredients or things I need to make it, to my grocery list.

school lunch ideas for kids

These lunch ideas do not include PB&J (Harper hates PB – she’s crazy right!?) so add that in if your kiddo is a Peanut Butter eater and you can totally make this last longer than two weeks.

Some of these lunches were leftovers form the night before or I prepped in advance (like the bagel bites). I always make our lunches the night before so it is one less thing I have to do in the morning.

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Before we are ready to leave for school, all Harper has to do is add a little ice pack to her lunch, grab her backpack and we are ready to go. No running around throwing items into a lunch box because I forgot and we have to leave in 10 minutes.

I love these little penguin ice packs,Β they are super cute, work great, and do not take up too much room in Harper’s lunch box. They come four to a pack, are super easy to clean and Harper loves that they are penguins.

I go to the store every weekend or on Wednesdays (because of ads) and stock up on fruit and meat for the week. I like to buy what is on sale that week, but of course there are a few exceptions I always get, like Bananas or apples.


I love using our easylunchboxesΒ to pack lunches. I use them for Harper and Eric’s lunch and I save on using ziplock baggies. Before school started I bought these cool snack box easylunchboxes and they are perfect for when I pack Harper a snacky lunch or for on the go snacks for Nic.

Other than what I put in her easylunchbox I always add an applesauce or yogurt and something crunchy like veggie chips, pretzels or the occasional Cheeto puffs. Then of course a drink and a little treat.

Two weeks of school lunch box ideas

Here are some ideas for your kids lunch that will hopefully help you out in the next couple of weeks. If you child does not like something I have listed you can swap it out for their favorite meat, fruit or veggie.

Some of this may seem like a lot but Harper loves snacks (what child doesn’t), plus she eats lunch super early so I try to fill her up as much as possible.

school lunch ideas, easy school lunch ideas

  1. Bagel Bites with fruit, and M&M’s (not pictured applesauce, string cheese and drink)
  2. Chicken Nuggets, carrots & cucumbers, grapes, and treat (not pictured applesauce pouch and drink Side note * I usually add a sauce pack like from Chick Fil A when she takes Nuggets)
  3. Turkey Roll-ups, berries and grapes, popcorn, pickle (not pictured apple sauce pouch, string cheese, and treat)
  4. Ham and Cheese sandwich, berries, gummy bears (not pictured drink and chips)
  5. Turkey & Ham cubes, Pickle with olives, string cheese, berries (not pictured chips, applesauce pouch and treat)
  6. Turkey & Ham Roll-ups, cheese cubes, grapes, pickle and olive with chips and treat
  7. Ham Roll-ups, cheese cubes, berries, oreo cookie (not pictured drink, chips and applesauce pouch)
  8. Ham & Turkey cubes, berries, olives, gummy bears (not pictured applesauce pouch, veggie straws and string cheese)
  9. Leftover cheese pizza, cucumbers & carrots, grapes and berries, and rice krispie treat
  10. Pasta salad, olives, cutie, sweet treat, cheese puffs, applesauce and juice

I am sure you can tell what Harper really likes, so like I said use your child’s favorites and tailor these ideas to their taste.Β I recently discovered Harper also likes the little mini salami and pepperoni’s so I plan to add that in rotation.

She also tried the Salaslito Turkey I like to eat, which is made by Boar’s head, and she really liked it. So of course that gives me 3 more different lunch combos I can make and add to rotation.

You may also notice she does not eat too many sandwiches, she likes her little roll-ups or cubes of deli meat but does eat a sandwich on occasion.

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I also love buying the seasonal treats for the holidays, I feel like it makes lunch a little extra special. I remember opening my lunch up and finding a little treat, that was always my favorite part of course!

What are your go to lunches for your kiddos? I would love to hear! You can always follow my Pinterest boards for more ideas during the school year as well!

lunch box ideas for kids






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