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Almost FREE Family Christmas Traditions

Holiday traditions are so much fun to share. There are so many things you can do around the holidays to make great family memories. Here are some ideas for five almost FREE family Christmas traditions you can start this year!

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I just love this time of year! Once October hits I am all in for the Holidays and in planning mode. I am the kind of person that thinks about dinner at Breakfast. So I don’t mind those Christmas Decorations coming out mid October. That just means it is time to be in “Holiday Planning Mode”.


The Holidays can get hectic, with planning travel, shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping presents, getting the house cleaned, the list goes on and on (as it always does, right #motherhood). So it is good to take a time out, slow down and have some fun with the family.

I am sharing some of our favorite Holiday traditions and the best part is they are practically FREE. Even if you have a $20 budget or even $10, I guarantee you will  be able to share at least one of these traditions with your family this Holiday season.

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Five Almost FREE Family Christmas Traditions You Can Start This Year

#1 Look at Christmas Lights – Surely you have done this with your parents? I remember piling in the car and driving to the City where all the BIG houses were. We would drive around and look at all the lights on all the big houses with huge trees that were covered in Christmas lights.

Looking at Christmas lights has to be one of my favorite Christmas memories from when I was a kid.  And thanks to cell phones now you can also search for neighborhoods that have been recognized for their lights. Some City’s even have a “light map” so you can plan your drive. Make it extra special and make some hot chocolate for everyone to take in their thermos, or and some Christmas Cookies!

#2 Bake Christmas Cookies or make a Gingerbread House– If you have a few baking ingredients in your pantry then I am sure you can whip up some Christmas cookies. If not luckily all the ingredients you need to make Christmas cookies can cost under $10. You can even buy the pre-made dough which is not too expensive.

If you do not have any cookie cutters, no worries just use a cup. You could even roll the dough into candy cane shapes. Add colored icing and some fun sprinkles and you’ve got yourself some ornaments or snow globes. No matter what shape, they will still taste yummy.

#3 Christmas Craft – Head to the Dollar Tree or whatever local Dollar Store you have around you. They always have fun craft items this time of year. You can also go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Both stores usually have really good sales for around 40% their craft items. Michaels has great foam house kits you can make with your kids and they run pretty cheap too.

The Dollar Tree has everything you need to make your own ornament. The kids will love making their ornament then hanging it on the Christmas Tree. Be sure to write the year on it before you hang it on the tree. I love to look back at all our homemade ornaments. Bonus- Have them make extra for Grandparents too!

#4 Movie Night – Does your family have a favorite Christmas movie? Every Saturday night leading up to Christmas pick a different Christmas Movie to watch. This way everyone gets to watch their favorite movie!

Make it a big deal and go all out. Head to the Dollar Store and get some movie candy and popcorn. Then if you do not already have your favorite movie check Netflix or TV first. If you have DVR schedule to record an upcoming movie. If not I am betting you can find your movie on DVD for less than $10 at Wal Mart or a Movie Re-Sale store.

#5 Local Festivals or Parade – I absolutely love going to festivals, especially during the holidays. You can always find a local festival happening in your town. Check the City for anything they might sponsor like a tree lighting ceremony or light trail. Some Churches also have festivals this time of year they usually will have sign or banner out front with date and time. Some can have parades with an appearance of Santa at then end or a vendor event so check it out.

You can also check your City’s or surrounding City’s Local Paper or Facebook page and see what they have going on. Festivals can be free to attend but if you want to eat or buy anything just be prepared. You can set a small budget for everyone and give them their money beforehand. If you are headed to a tree lighting ceremony make sure you pack some Hot Chocolate and eat dinner at home.

Follow all the above advice for other Holidays too (well except for the Christmas Lights). You can do the above for any Holiday really, not just Christmas.

If you need stocking stuffer ideas for the family be sure to check out my post about how to stuff an Epic Stocking for Christmas. Even if you are on a Budget you can still pack that stocking full!

What are some of your favorite budget friendly Holiday Traditions? I would love to hear!

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