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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone

When I was a kid I remember going through our stockings more than anything when it comes to Christmas morning memories. Of course I remember the car rides to look at Christmas Lights on all the houses, making Christmas cookies, picking out a Christmas tree and visiting all of our family. There was just something about opening our stockings though.

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My mom made all of our stockings through those Bucilla felt kits and she always filled them so much they would be almost busting. Which they finally ended up doing about 5-10 years ago so we finally had to get new ones.

My mom was always the best stocking stuffer! She still is, I am pretty sure she makes it her mission every Christmas to make sure our stockings are full of awesome goodies. So of course I make it my mission too for my family and luckily I learned from the best.

One of my mother in law’s (yes, I am blessed with 2) is also a really good stocking stuffer. I remember one year she told all of us kids (well grown adults) that she wanted us to do our own stockings since we all had spouses. We totally protested and said No Way you HAVE to keep doing our stockings!

Is that weird a bunch of grown adults telling their mom she has to keep stuffing their Christmas Stocking (shoulder shrug). Well she caved and still stuffs all her kids stockings, thanks Mimi! So needless to say I LOVE watching everyone’s excitement when opening their stocking and I love opening mine too!

The secret to a good stocking is creating fun layers! Start with the sweet stuff and work your way up to an explosion of nail biting excitement bursting out of the top!

Usually the bottom of everyone’s stocking has some kind of candy or goodies they like. I usually pick Christmas themed candies like Christmas colored M&M’s or Kisses, or those Little Debbie Trees (my mom ALWAYS gives those in ours). Get your candy at the Dollar Store, Aldi or Target. I always start at the Dollar Store for a stocking though! Then from there on up there are little fun gifts to fill it to the tippy top. Here are some ideas and things our stocking usually consist of.

Socks, I know I know it might sound cheesy but I don’t mean plain old white socks. I mean a pair or two of really cute fun socks like these! Get your Husband some nice dress socks if he is not into the fun socks, and get your kids their favorite character like these Avengers Socks for a boy or the little knee highs below for a girl. What can I say, they make good stocking stuffers and it was kind of my Mom’s thing to always put some in our stocking so I have to pass it on!

Lotto Tickets – Maybe not everyone but kids about 6 and up are a go right!? Stock up on those $1 scratch offs. More fun, there are usually holiday themed scratch offs.

Movies or Video Games – Pick out a favorite movie for each stocking. If you are trying to keep it to a minimum Wal Mart always has some great cheap movie choices in big bins in the middle of isles this time of year. Most of the time anywhere from $1 to $5. Can someone tell my family to get the Father of the Bride Combo for my stocking!

Gift Cards – Does your spouse eat lunch out once a week or stop to get coffee, get a GC to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant? How about a little $10-$20 Card so your kid can pick out their own little gift from the store or have it shipped to them. Or get your family an AMC movie Gift card so you can plan a future family day together. Great movies come out during the Holidays!

Dollar Spots – Definitely start at the Dollar Spots when stuffing a stocking. Dollar Tree is always my first stop and it is located right next to my Target, which is my next stop usually. So I go in there next to hit up their Dollar Spot which is ALWAYS promising for Stocking stuffers. If you go to Target don’t forget to check in the back where the holiday decorations are too because they usually have MORE items back there for stocking stuffers.

Now fill them up with more gifts! The stocking that keeps on giving!

Kids – So what do you stuff in the kids stocking besides the above? Again, start at the Dollar Store! Go down the toy isles and see what you can find. There are some neat little toys there if you take the time to look and sometimes you can come across some fun older type toys.

There are always cards, play dough, little books and activity kits, those wash cloths in the square shape that puff out when wet, crayons and markers, coloring books. For 5 year old and up – Nail Polish and play make-up for a girl (if allowed) Fun Pencils and Erasers for School, lip glosses or chapstick, jump ropes, just go and walk around. You will be surprised how much you will be able to find and Kids LOVE a stocking full of fun stuff and the Dollar Tree is a good place to get fun little things for any Holiday!

Little Toys that can fit inside a stocking for a girl include stuff like Cupcake Surprise, they even have a Mini Cupcake Surprise (remember they smell too!). Or Bath Bombs, Harper loves those and she is only 5 I think these would be ok for 3ish (with supervision) and up plus you can keep a few for yourself 😉 Kids love chapstick too and it is great for both boys and girls!

For a boy maybe some fun bath tub crayons or these awesome lego bath bombs perfect for a boy and they are individually wrapped. Little Hot Wheel cars usually are a winner with the boys too! Anything small like toy trucks, cards, legos or a toy of their favorite character. A GeoCentral Hatching egg is great for boy or girl and the animal can be placed in water again and again to re-grow! These are some things we have bought before and the lego bombs are going to be a future gift for Nic for sure!

Baby – If you have a Baby some of my favorite stocking stuffers would be fun sensory toys like balls, or texture books and bath toys. You can also stuff your baby’s stocking with teethers, onesies, socks or bibs. They are a Baby so take advantage and get what the baby would actually need. If they are about 6 months they will be active enough to maybe unwrap a few toys but you will probably do most of the unwrapping as they will probably be more interested in the box or noise the paper makes.

If they come in a box I will take them all out so they can fit in the stocking. Also with a baby you want to make sure to clean the toys so I do this before stuffing them in the stocking so they are ready to be played with. Here are some of our baby toy faves.

Dad or Husband – These are some great ideas to also go along with the first above mentioned items for a guy (boyfriend, husband, older son, brother). Does your guy have a beard? Beard Oil and a Beard Brush are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

Maybe he likes golf, get some fun golf balls or some small golf accessories. . I got Eric these Neon golf balls last year but they have all kinds you can search, like favorite sports team or college. Amazon offers some really great personalized gifts too like a wallet or golf ball marker. Maybe your guy is a handyman, check out the cool magnetic wrist band for screws, talk about a neat find!

A favorite cologne is perfect for a stocking and it is usually when we bot stock up. Usually we only have to buy our perfume or cologne once a year. If you go the cologne route don’t forget to check out your local stores to see if any it is bonus gift time for your favorite cologne.

Mom or Yourself – Kitchen gadgets have to be one of my favorite stocking suffers for myself! This garlic chopper is the perfect size for a stocking and absolutely one of my favorite kitchen tools! I am a sucker for fun unnecessary kitchen stuff like this mad microwave cleaner but it’s a fun stocking stuffer and I would totally use it. I could search Amazon all day for fun Kitchen Gadgets and I am a sucker for anything that looks unique. Maybe you have a necklace or bracelet that could use a new charm. Jewelry is always a great stocking stuffer for us women!

Again I will mention perfume too. It is when I usually need more and it is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer plus it is usually gift set time! I also like to use this time to stock up on mini hand sanitizers and lotions for my purse and car too and Bath & Body Works is my choice for those and they usually have good sales. Bath stuff like bubble bath or salt scrub, or above mentioned bath bombs. Gift cards are good for mom too!

Maybe there is a book on Amazon you have been wanting to buy for your Kindle or even the Hard Copy. Think of stuff for yourself too, I always think of things for around the house or my kitchen before I do for my actual self. So I try to remember to ask for things I would personally use at Christmas too, I know it is easier said than done but us Mom’s need stuff for ourselves too, right!

I hope this gives you some ideas that you may not have thought of originally! I love really quirky stuff so it is fun to search all the stores for unique finds which is the kind of gifts I like to give! Stuffing everyone’s stocking is my favorite thing to do so we always save those for last.

Do you guys open your stockings first or last?

Happy Stuffing!

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