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20 New Mom Must Haves

As a new mom do we really know what we need? It is so overwhelming preparing for motherhood especially when it is your first born. You might not know which stroller to get or just how many burp cloths or onesies you might need (pssst a ton of both, both will be your top five most used items).

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I think everyone has a “must have list” of some sort and it is a great way to see what other Mom’s think of all the baby stuff out there. From one mom to another there are so many options to choose from it can get overwhelming.

It is great to get a wide range of ideas and advice or insight for New Moms. So after having two kiddos here is a list a of newborn must haves that ended up being my favorite things and/or must haves.

If you need to start a Baby Registry today just click on the Bay Registry Amazon link below and it will get you started in no time! Do it now and add these items as you read, easy peasy 😉

#1 Rock and Play – Any parent (well most maybe everyone’s baby is different) will tell you this thing is a must. Not only was the Rock and Play used as our bassinet it also was used as a safe little place for baby to stay while I got ready, showered or cooked.

Both of our kids liked sleeping slightly elevated so the regular bassinet did not due for us. We loved our Rock and Play and used it until the both kids started to roll over (then it was time to move to the crib). This one is similar to the one we had and is super cute for a boy or girl plus has great reviews.

The Rock and Play is great for moving room to room and is super light weight. I also loved sticking my arm out in the middle of the night if they started stirring, I would just start rocking them back and forth.

#2 Boppy or Nursing Pillow – Absolute must have, even if you are not nursing. These things make it comfortable for you to hold your baby and then serves a great purpose while nursing (if doing so) or feeding. It can also eventually help baby with tummy time and sitting up as they get older or take a nap on.

We loved our boppy and still have it out for Nic to play and lay on in his Pack and Play, and he is almost 17 months now. If you think the Boppy is right for you, this one is just like the one we had.

Now something new or that I did not know about is this nursing pillow with a strap that goes around your waist. While I loved the Boppy I used with both of my kids, it would get away from you easily.

Meaning it would slip out from around my waist or away from me while nursing. Meaning I would have to pull it back to me constantly. I have seen these being used more and more for nursing and if we have another baby I might have to consider spending the money to get one.

I mean really you can never have too many of these around the house anyways, since you will most likely end up nursing from all rooms in your house. I cannot tell you how many times I would get ready to sit down then have to go get the boppy from the other room. So by all means register or buy one of each!

#3 Tummy Time Mat or Activity Gym – Tummy time is super important for infants. It helps build their neck muscles so they can start to raise their heads up on their own and gain control of moving their necks around. Then eventually they will learn to roll over, so a fun mat for tummy time is a must, right. Whether you have wood floors or carpet a tummy time mat is just nice to have for baby to play on.

As an infant they will spit up and or have a diaper blow out which could leave stains on your carpets or rug. Tummy time mats not only can help contain the mess but they usually come with fun toys and patterns for your baby to help encourage tummy time to be fun.

Check this one out (or click on the image below) as it can be used a lot longer than the one we had, and it looks really cool! I love a good baby item that can be used for a long time and this one I found may have to be on my list of things to get if we decide to have another.#4 Bouncer – So why would you need a Rock and Play AND a Bouncer? You just do, trust me. I liked to have a place to but the baby in our most used areas of the house. Rock and Play was used more for nap time and the Bouncer was usually used while I cooked dinner or cleaned.

Sometimes they would prefer one over the other too. The Bouncer is neat because when your baby really starts kicking those little legs it moves with them, creating a fun little game for them.

#5 Baby Bath Kit – If this is your first baby then you definitely want to register or buy some baby bath shampoo and lotion. I always bought Johnson’s with Harper but with Nic’s skin being so sensitive we had to go for something even more gentle.

He was diagnosed with Eczema and even had a bad rash a few months back which landed us in the emergency room after it kept getting worse even with the Dr prescribing a Rx prior to the ER!

It has changed my view on baby products and I like to buy items that are good for sensitive skin now and Aveeno is just that. They even have their own line for Eczema, I like to use the night balm so it does not bother him while sleeping.  This Aveeno kit is awesome because it comes with Baby Soap and Lotion and then Body Wash for Mom too!

#6 Baby Mirror for Car – I had to have one of these and I am sure every mom does as well. It gave me peace of mind just being able to see my kids with a quick glimpse in the rear view mirror while driving. So I am saying this is a must have.

It is pretty self explanatory, attach it to the head rest above your baby’s car seat and adjust so you can have a good view in your rear view mirror. This one is super affordable and the perfect gift to add to your registry.

#7 Bibs and Burp Cloths – Oh my goodness do you need these for sure! I am really not sure if you can have to many of these either. We had these exact bibs  for Nic and they were great and are truly waterproof, meaning maybe your little one will keep that onesie on longer.

Lots and lots of burp cloths were a must too. I just bought these for my niece that will be here in November and they were a great size and SUPER soft. They come in other colors too so grab a few! You cannot have enough bibs and burp clots, trust me.

These are awesome too (or click on image below) anything Burts Bees is super soft, remember that when shopping and registering. I mean it anything is SUPER SOFT. They have clothes, changing pad covers, baby care line and more.

You will totally go through a package of burp cloths in a day, for sure, maybe not everyday but it will happen, a lot. So unless you want to do laundry everyday (instead of every 2 days) then stock up on both.

#8 Onesies & Jammies – Speaking of not having enough, yep these too! Stock up and in all sizes, babies grow fast. I would take it easy on Newborn clothes and buy more 0-3 month size. There is one good thing about the newborn sizes though, they have the little flip cuffs for baby’s hands so they don’t scratch their little face.

Newborn sizes will be for the first month or so out of the hospital. After that it will be size 0-3, unless you have an 8 pound baby, then you might want to jump right into 0-3 month size. You should get a good idea of the size your baby will be the closer you get to your due date.

Unfortunately you will go through a ton of onesies and little outfits too. If it is not getting pooped on it is getting spit up on, one of the two happens everyday. Am I making you excited to become a mom yet, lol. Don’t worry you totally go into mom mode after awhile and only the horrible ones phase you 😉

#9 Car Seat and Base – You have to have a car seat of course. So the other question is do you get two or just an extra base? Totally up to you. We ended up getting two with Harper so it was nice but I felt since I was the one taking and picking up Harper from daycare the 2nd was not necessary.

We could have just gotten by with an extra base and not the set. If both you and your husband are picking up baby or you think it just might work better for your situation then I would recommend two car seats and bases.

One thing we learned with Nic is that we needed a smaller car seat. We were going to just use one of Harper’s old ones. But Nic ended up having to come three weeks earlier than expected so he was small. So small that we had to do a car seat test before we left and he was too small for it, our old one had started at 5 lbs.

There are car seats for preemies that start at 4 lbs which is what we found and ended up having to buy. Just be sure to check the weight on the car seat if you want to be extra prepared. This Graco one is perfect and covers all your basis plus starts at 4 pounds.

#10 Changing Pad Covers – You will go through a lot of these too. So stock up unless you want to be doing a lot of laundry.  I say that a lot when talking about Newborns. You will be doing quite a bit of laundry the first year or so, babies are messy.

I would say at least 3-5 of changing pad covers, that may not even be enough on some days. They have such fun patterns now and days so have fun picking some out. I think we have about 4 covers and it seemed to work. Some days we would go though all and end up having to just use a liner while waiting on laundry.

These are the jersey knit ones so they are super soft and stretchy.

Which leads me to my next must have Newborn item.

#11 Changing Pad Waterproof Liners – Yes these are different from changing pad covers. They are little waterproof liners you can set on top of the changing pad cover.

It will totally save you from having to change the changing pad cover a few times. They are also great from when all your changing pad covers are in the laundry as mentioned above in #10, because it will happen eventually.

I highly recommend at least two – 3 packs of these. You won’t regret having them! Future Mom Tip – Use them while potty training as well!! Line the car seat with them while your little one is learning to use the potty. Accidents will happen and being stuck in the car with no place to go to the bathroom is definitely something that can happen. So these liners can be used for years and they are not very expensive so double plus!

#12 Frame Stroller – This was a true lifesaver when going to the Doctor’s office or out to the store. You just pop the car seat into this frame stroller and be on your way.

They are light weight and great for those first months when baby sleeps all the time. While you will usually only use this for maybe the first 6-8 months give or take, you will get your money’s worth out of it. It was my favorite stroller to bring to the Doctor’s office, the park or out shopping, in the early months especially.

We had this exact one and it was great. There is also the option of wearing your baby when you go out but I did not want to disturb my sleeping angels so this was my favorite thing to have when we went out. I kept it through both our kids so we definitely got our money’s worth.

#13 Jogging or Walking Stroller – This is also a must have. I know, I know, why two strollers. It is crazy but they are for different stages. While the frame stroller above is primarily used for those first 6 months when baby is not really mobile.

When your baby starts to really sit up 5-7ish months, then you will use this stroller more. Jogging or Walking strollers are really good for Parks, walks or trips to the Zoo. They will also be used for at least three years or longer depending on the size you get, definitely making it worth the money.

I preferred the one that had three wheels because it seemed to work better on the sidewalks and be more for active walkers or runners. If you need both a car seat and stroller be sure to check out combos too. 

#14 Diaper Genie – MUST HAVE. These help keep the stinky diaper smell contained! If you take your trash out daily then by all means use that but if not then this is a must have.

There are a lot to choose from out there but to me this is one of those things that serves the same purpose no matter what so I go for the best deal in this case, which would be this one. Plus you can use your foot to open it, which is a better version of mine that is almost 6 years old now.

#15 Car Seat Cover – This is one of those things I wish I had bought but then it was to late. By the time I had Nic they were super trendy and I can totally see why.

A blanket may do but it is a pain on a windy day and does not stay very well. These things are stretchy and can cling to the car seat. It is one of those things that may only be used the first six months but they have them now that can double as a breastfeeding cover, like this one.

Bottom line, they help keep breezes out as well and if you have your baby during winter I would recommend it even more.

#16 Baby Monitor – You may think you won’t need this until baby sleeps in their own room, but no. You WILL need it. When baby takes a nap or when you go take a shower and your home alone you will want this.

I love the video monitor one for sure! I can see Nic sleeping and if he starts making noises I can see if he is just stirring or waking up. They are well worth the price and you will use it for years. This one is a decent price and has great reviews.#17 Pack and Play – I really liked having a pack and play. We had dogs when we had Harper so it was a good place for her when I wanted to make sure they couldn’t lick her, like when I needed to run to the bathroom.

The one we had also came with a changing table and bassinet, which I liked and definitely used. Pack and plays are also great for road trips – for hotel rooms, or for going to the grandparents house.

I still have our pack and play out for Nic for when I go to the bathroom or run outside to water the plants and need him to stay inside. I have also put him on there so I could shower while leaving Paw Patrol on to keep him occupied. They are just a good thing in general to have, ours was like this one and we love it.

#18 Dreft Laundry Detergent – Ugh I LOVE this stuff! If there is a perfect baby smell this is it! I absolutely love the smell of Dreft and used it with both my kids.

Eric says it is time to give it up for Nic but I am not ready! I love that baby smell and to me, he is still a baby! This really is the perfect baby detergent and I will always recommend it.#19 Backpack Diaper Bag – This is a new trend or maybe a few years old I am not sure but I am just now getting on the train of ditching the diaper bag! These Backpack Diaper Bags are so awesome and makes it so much easier with your little one, in my opinion.

I personally like the idea of having the backpack instead just because it frees a shoulder and makes it easier to carry baby. Plus if you need to get keys or wallet it it is pretty easy to swing a backpack around on your shoulder. It is a new train I am on and I would just recommend checking them out. They come in all kinds of colors and styles!

This one is my favorite and is on my Christmas list! I like all the pockets, baby wipe holder and insulated pocket as well, plus a padded back and I am a fan of the gray color.

#20 Bottles – You gotta have bottles if you ever want any freedom ever again! If you are breastfeeding I believe the recommendations is 6 weeks before introducing to a bottle, maybe varies per Pediatrician. Point is, if you want to get away your going to have to have bottles!

We used Tommee Tippee Bottles so it is what I would recommend. We went crazy with the pink and needless to say Nic ended up drinking from pink bottles. But somewhere along the way he ended up chaning his mind and started liking these angled bottles so we bought a few of those too.

I would recommend just buying one bottle at a time. You don’t want to get stuck with a ton of bottles your baby does not like. If your baby ends up liking one kind then go buy more of those. You will just have to figure out what your baby likes when that time comes, but it does not hurt to throw one of each on your registry.

Mom Tips I have learned in the past five years and two kids.

Browse those deals – I love to shop around to find the best deal. Amazon of course is my go to but I also LOVE to go to Target and even Wal Mart for some things. Diapers is good through Amazon Prime and can get delivered to your front door which I personally LOVE plus you get a discount when you sign up for the monthly delivery.

Some peoples favorites are not for everyone – Some things that worked for me or your best friend may not work for you and your baby, and that is OK. Every baby and every family is different. So many things depend on the type of items you might need, like do you already have kids – you might need a double stroller. Point is just figure out what works for you and also what you and your baby like too.

Don’t be afraid to buy used – Sure we love to buy new items but what about the stuff that is available at resale shops! I am a huge fan of resale shops in my area and have my favorites I frequent. Some are better than others plus you can also sell your baby stuff for store credit or cash at some places. Some stores are very picky though, so be sure to pick out your very best items, like stain and fade free or lightly worn clothes. Toys must have all parts and be in good condition as well. I LOVE to buy jeans at resale shops, they are available by the ton, usually and are a good price. Jackets too, you need a new one every winter with kids growing so fast so I usually find ours at our local resale shop.

Use your Village – You have heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise children”. Ever have a question, use your village! I am sure your Mom would love to talk or do you have a sister or cousin you can talk to? Pinterest is also a great resource, is that how you landed here? There are so many Mom boards or Parenting boards, I know I have both for the tips I like to save! Use your resources that are available at your fingertips now and days to find the right baby stuff or advice for you! Don’t forget when seeking medical advice it is always best to consult your physician though!

I love Mom advice, what are some baby items you could not live without!?

Visit my Pinterest board to find more Mom and Parent Advice or a yummy recipe and everything else!

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