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Holidays Party Ideas

10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas

I absolutely love the holidays and anything having to do with any and all holidays really. Especially when it comes to cooking/baking or planning a party.

While it has been awhile since we have had a Halloween party (or any kind of party other than a kids birthday party really) I do have to say that seeing all these awesome ideas make me want to have a Halloween Party.

It never fails, a Pinterest pinning binge on a holiday can get quite out of hand! Next thing you know you have been pinning for an hour and you have decided that throwing a party sounds and looks so fun. So you plan on making like 10 things that you saw on Pinterest to throw an amazing party.

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It happens right.

I know, we have all been down a Pinterest rabbit hole before. Sometimes I forget what I was even looking for in the first place when I get on. What in the world did we do before Pinterest, right!

If you are planning to throw a Halloween party here are some totally awesome ideas for a spooktaculiar Halloween party from, you know where, Pinterest!

10 Spooky Halloween Party Ideas: Food, Decorations and Fun Kid Approved Treats

#1 Bewitched M&M Cookies – These Bewitched M & M Cookies look amazing and so fun! Your kids will love to help you make these cookies! Harper would love to stick the M & M’s on them (while eating them of course).

Bewitched M M cookiesBewitched M & M Cookies SourceTwo Sisters

#2 Rotten Deviled Eggs – What about these awesome “rotten eggs” for a party!! These Deviled Rotten Eggs are a genius idea and so simple to make I am making them a party must have for sure! Even if we do not have a Halloween party we can totally make them for Halloween!

rotten eggsDeliciously Rotten Deviled Eggs Source – Parenting Chaos

#3 – Monster Bowls – How super simple and cute is this idea from Catch my Party! It might be from her daughters Birthday party but it could easily be made a Halloween Decoration for a Kids Party too, or Adults, I mean who doesn’t love Cheese Puffs!

Monster Bowls Monster Bowls Source –  Catch My Party

#4 Vomiting Guacamole Pumpkin – We have all seen it so I am making it a must have. You have to have a vomiting Guacamole pumpkin at your party!! I mean who doesn’t love Guacamole  anyways. Here is my favorite Guacamole recipe.

VOmiting Pumpkin Vomiting Guacamole Pumpkin Source

#5 Glowing Spooky Eyes – How cool is this idea for the bushes! Totally doing this one this year! Bonus – it is SUPER CHEAP. Just start collecting paper rolls and go to the Dollar Store for the glow sticks. BOOM – Spooky Decoration for super cheap!

creepy eyes

 Creep Eyes in BushesSource

#6 Danger Zone – This is a great idea for off limit areas during your party!!! Don’t have stairs do a hallway or corner of the room! I love taping up my door for Halloween, these tapes can usually be found pretty cheap too, guess where, the Dollar Store!

stair decorations Off Limit Danger Area Source – Catch My Party

#7 Potion Station – DIY Potion Station gives a creepy witch vibe when adding some dry ice so smoke pours out of the cauldron. See how we made this awesome set up for my sister in laws Harry Potter Party. It’s a super easy cheap party idea that can be used again and again. You can get similar glass potion bottles here and they are really vintage looking.

Halloween party decorations

#8 Witch’s Brew Brownies – Gotta have Brownies at a party too! You can never have to may sweets, right!? Check out these totally fun and delicious looking Witch’s Brew Brownies! Home made Interest suggests to use your leftover Halloween candy to make these which is an awesome idea too! Another one the kids can help cook and decorate!

Witch brownies Witch’s Brew Brownies SourceHome Made Interest

#9 Floating Candles – Make your own Floating Candles and have an awesome set up for your dining room or kitchen! Start collecting some toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls now!

Harry Potter floating candles


Daily Boutique Deals

#10 Homemade Toffee Candy – How about this super addicting and easy to make sweet and salty Homemade Toffee Candy! Find some fun Halloween sprinkles and it will be a party hit! Another hit with the kids too, they love to sprinkle stuff!!

crack candy recipe

Like these ideas!? Head on over to my Halloween Pinterest Board for more fun!

Need Halloween Costume ideas for the kiddos? Or just want to see some adorable baby costumes!? Check out my post 13 Kids Halloween Costumes.

Halloween decorations

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