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Our Movie Themed Wedding

In honor of  our wedding anniversary next month I thought it would be fun to share our wedding. Plus it gives me an excuse to look through my pictures.

There are so many wedding themes and colors out there to choose from for your wedding day. For Eric and my wedding I did not want to go with my favorite color – which is pink.

I wanted to do something fun and different (also Cheap) so we went with a Movie Theme. Our colors were “movie colors” black, white and red.

We used to go to the Movies all of the time! The Movie Theater we used to go to all the time had buy one get one free on Tuesdays and we made it our weekly date night.

Eric and I have been together for 15 years now. We got married just 6 months after we had Harper. I guess we decided that after 10 years and a beautiful baby girl it was about time to tie the knot.

Our proposal was definitely out of the ordinary.  I was sitting in my now in laws backyard with my mother in law and it was a very nice evening outside.

We were sitting under the pergola my father in law had made for his daughters (my now sister in law) wedding. I said something like, this is a good backyard for a wedding.

She said ” ya it would be” and just like that the planning started.

I actually texted Eric right then and asked him what he thought about getting married at his parents house under the same pergola his sister did and he was like, Let’s do it!

Seriously that is how it happened.

We picked out our date, October 26th, which was actually my Omi and Opa’s (my grandparents on my Dad’s side, I am half German) wedding anniversary date, which makes the date that much more special.

We planned a wedding in 6 months. My Father in Law and Mother in Law worked their butt off getting their house ready for the wedding.

He was actually building a pergola over their patio when we decided all this. So to say he had his hands full was probably an understatement.

Everything started coming together with our colors and decorations and I was getting excited. My mom made our Up themed sign in table. She made a the house with balloons and the Paradise Fall funds jar. Of course we still have both.

We had saved ticket stubs from our wedding so we found a cool shadow box to put them in at the guest table.

We found almost all of our decorations at Garden Ridge – at least that is what is was called back then. Now people know if as At Home.

We kept several of our wedding decorations as our living room theme for a while. After changing over our living room theme after we moved into a house I have some put up for our future media room, one day.

We (more my husband but I am on the band wagon now too) love superheroes so we found our favorite superhero characters in Funko pops which were the perfect size for our cake.

Our cake was from a little bakery in Waxahachie and she did a great job of decorating. We had so much cake leftover though it was crazy! The Grooms cake was of course chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I am very indecisive so we did mine with two flavors. The Brides cake was a double layer 3 tier cake with a white cake layer and a strawberry layer.

All the groomsmen wear all black with black and red striped ties. Eric wore all white with a black suit to match my white dress with black sash. Eric bought all his groomsmen a superhero shirt and they wore it under their shirts for cool superhero wedding pictures.

We had an assortment of flavored popcorn and a candy bar featuring our favorite movie snacks. Our favorite popcorn flavors were loaded baked potato, butter of course and caramel.

For Dinner we served cheese nachos with jalapenos and hot dogs just like at the movie theater. Our guests got to fill up a bag with candy to take home with them too.


We had the wedding in our in laws backyard and it ended up raining right after the ceremony so most of the reception was spent inside.

Everything turned out awesome though. Our whole family came together on both sides to set up everything for our wedding and it was just perfect!

Everything was really just like I had imagined. Our whole family did a great job decorating.  I loved the ambiance when the sun started setting and all of the lights glowed.

In fact my most favorite wedding ambiance lighting is candles, and string lights everywhere.So of course we had candles and string lights everywhere to light up the yard.

I love the rain though so it was kind of perfect. It held off long enough for us to have our little ceremony and take pictures. All of our guests got to eat and we even got to mingle outside for a bit before the storm hit.

We even saved some of our rain water! I haven’t done anything with it yet though. I am still looking for that perfect something to keep it in.

For the past five years it has just been sitting in a mason jar. I plan on doing something with it one day!

Hope you find a little inspiration from our pictures for your big day!


Photos provided by Brittany Swant

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