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13 Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

I love picking out Halloween costumes and dressing up the kids. Seeing all the different cute and creative costumes on the internet these days can give you some really fun ideas and there are so many to choose from.

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As with everything else, I refer to Pinterest when Harper tells me what she wants to be for Halloween. Check out my Halloween Board for all kinds of ideas for kids costumes to decorating ideas.

Last year we went all out and Harper was Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine. This year she was Elsa, which was crazy since that movie is a little older but her character is still so popular!

I made a list of fun costumes we have had over the years plus some fun unique ones I cam across on Pinterest.

Girl Halloween Costume Ideas 

#1 Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine – I think this is one of my favorite costumes we have done so far. It was so much fun spraying her hair pink and getting her ready.

We found the costume at Target and it was reasonably priced. It came with the pink ponytail, and genie cuffs. You can also get a Shimmer costume similar to this off Amazon here.

Halloween costume ideas for girl Shimmer

I made the crown and necklace from white beads I found on sale at a party store then I bought a bag of green jewels that resembled the ones on Shimmer’s crown and necklace.

There were several necklaces in the package so I just cut off what I needed to make the crown and hot glued it to each other. For the jewel that hangs down I cut about 3 beads off then hot glued it to the center and added the jewel.

Shimmer usually wears a choker necklace but Harper did not like that so we let it hang down. We bobby pinned the crown in place in the back after I pulled her hair into a ponytail and sprayed her hair pink.

For her eyebrows I sprayed the paint on my finger and ran it across her eyebrows then touched it up with a we Q-tip wiping off her skin to make the eyebrow shape.

Then of course we put glitter and shimmer powder all over her face and hair. It always ends up being cold on Halloween so we usually end up adding long sleeves under her costume most years.

#2 Witch – When Harper was 4 years old she wanted to be a witch. This costume was super simple. The costume was given to us by a good friend and it had the hat too. There are a ton to choose from on Amazon, I did a search and my favorite, that was reasonably priced was this one.

I added a little purple eyeshadow on her and some lipstick. Recognize those lips! We had started watching Hocus Pocus (she may have been a little young but I could not wait and it really is not that bad) so she LOVED pooching her lips out like Winnie!

Halloween costumes ideas

#3 Pippi Longstocking –  What about this super cute, oldie but a goodie idea, Pippi Longstocking, I LOVED this movie! My sister and me used to watch Pippi Longstocking ALL THE TIME. In fact I think it is time to watch with Harper!!

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking Costume Source   

#4 Judy Hops from Zootopia – I love this one! Judy Hops from Zootopia how cute of a costume is this!

Judy Hopps from Zootopia Judy Hopp Source 

#5 Anna from Frozen – When Harper was 3 she was Anna. We had bought her costume at Sam’s for dress up but she ended up wanting to waer it for Halloween too.

Probably still a popular costume to this day because the movie is just so cute. There are some cute Anna costumes out there, this one is close to the one Harper wore in the picture. There is also the green dress Anna wore for Elsa’s coronation, it is super cute and also great for a costume and/or dress up.

#6 Ladybug – I am a huge fan of Ladybugs, so for Harper’s first Halloween I had to dress her up as one. This costume was so cute! Of course I saved it in case her kids want to wear it one day!

There are a lot of different types of Ladybug costumes to choose from. This one can be for a baby, while if you are wanting one for an older girl, this one is pretty cute too.

#7 Supergirl – An oldie but a goodie! This costume was super simple and Harper was just two when she was Supergirl. Like any costume there are a ton of different designs to choose from for Supergirl. My favorite was this one since it came with all the accessories you need.


Boy Costume Ideas 

#8 Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan – I think I may have to see if Eric wants to do this with Nic this year! Super cute Father and Son costume! Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan! LOVE IT!

Father adn Son Halloween Costume

#8 – Forest Gump & Leiutenant Dan Costume Source Unknown

#9 Baby Albert Einstein – What about this one –  Albert Einstein may have to be on the top of our list for Nicolas too!

Albert Einstein Costume

Albert Einstein Baby Costume Source Costume Works


#10 – Baby Harry Potter – Harper is definitely out on her own for Halloween and once her mind is made up she’s usually set. Last year Eric and i went as Mr. & Mrs. Potter and we dressed up Nic as Baby Harry. We used our costumes from my sister in laws Harry Potter Party so we did not have to buy anything.

#11 – Joe Dirt Costume –  This costume is so cute and is a must for any Joe Dirt lover out there!

Joe Dirt Costume

#12 – Ace Ventura Pet Detective Costume I love this one! So clever!

Ace Ventura Costume

#13 Baby Jack-Jack from the Incredibles –  Harper would freak if we dressed Nicolas up as Jack Jack from The Incredibles! How cute is this costume (and the baby hamming it up). Get this adorable Jack-Jack costume from here.

Jack-Jack CostumeJack-Jack Costume

Visit My Halloween Board on Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration for all things Halloween!

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Halloween costume ideas, kids costume ideas

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