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Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Yogurt Parfaits are a great way to start your day! Especially when everyone in the house loves them, and bonus – they can be made ahead of time! Harper and Nicolas both love these things and so do me and Eric! I pack them for his breakfast to eat at work, I put the granola on the side so it does not get all soggy and he adds it right before eating. These can also be a good mid morning snack or on the go Breakfast. Anyone want to admit to eating in the car……… Guilty, but safely of course!

I definitely plan on making these ahead of time for Harper or me to grab in the morning before heading off to School. Which by the way I cannot believe starts on Monday!! Serve alongside a piece of toast or in Harper’s case a waffle. Get your kids involved when prepping them on Sunday before the week starts. Have a yogurt assembly line- One person can add yogurt, the other berries and so on. Harper loves making her own parfait, this morning she wanted to add kiwi to hers since we had some and it was yummy. Mine was the below, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries plus honey oat granola – our go to parfait basically!

Get creative with your Parfait! Add a flavored yogurt like strawberry banana. Or make it Extra Berry-e by using a mixed berry yogurt! YUM! Add bananas, or cherries, or peaches – get creative and have fun!

What is your favorite flavor of Yogurt Parfait!? I would LOVE to hear!

Make Ahead Breakfast

Easy Make-Ahead Berry Yogurt Parfait Recipe: 

Container of your choice – For the kids and Eric’s lunch we use clear plastic cups and recycle when done

About a 1/2 cup your favorite fruit (our case berries usually)

1 cup your favorite yogurt flavor – We like Yoplait Original Vanilla

Granola of your choice – ours is always honey oat

Honey – Optional

Press and Seal or Plastic Wrap

Directions: Spoon 1/2 the yogurt into your container. Add a layer of berries ( if you are eating right away you can add a layer of granola now if you would like). Also if you like to add honey you can do so when you do the berry (or fruit) layer.

Add remainder of yogurt and then another layer of berries. You can choose to add the granola on top or store in a separate small container to add right before you eat. Seal top of container when done and store in fridge. Before eating add granola to top layer and stir to combine. Enjoy.

Yogurt Parfait

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