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easy school lunch ideas
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School Lunch Ideas

Harper is starting Kindergarten this year and I plan on packing her lunch the majority of the time. She does not like Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches and her favorite thing to eat is,  Guess, —– Yep Chicken Nuggets, of course.

Since I cannot will not give her Chicken Nuggets everyday for lunch, I have come up with a list of what I plan to give her. I plan on packing her lunch at night with an occasional warm meal thrown in once in a while (which I plan on packing the morning of school).

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The lunchboxes I use are from easy lunch boxes and they are the best thing ever for lunches! I used to use these three compartment lunchboxes for my lunch when I worked and I use them still for Eric and now for some of Harper’s lunches. I also found the snack box size which is a four compartment lunchbox from easy lunch boxes recently and found that these work best for Harper’s lunch.

school lunch ideas

I have read a ton of people use a thermos to keep foods warm for school lunches. Warm meals I make the morning of may include chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and other kinds of soups during the winter (which will probably be warmed from night before leftovers).

I definitely plan on letting her eat school lunch too, once she figures out what meals she thinks might look good. Sometimes the evening gets away from us so lunch line food will probably be a back up for us or like I said, when she figures out what day she wants to buy her lunch – like chicken nugget day, I am sure they will have that as an option one day right….

Below is a list of what I give her already plus a few other ideas I plan on trying during the school  year. I serve all of this with a few side items, such as baby tomatoes,  baby carrots or sliced cucumbers, a pickle, veggie sticks, fruit, applesauce and a little treat ( like fruit snacks, a little kiss, pudding cup, a few m&ms or skittles – something to make her smile plus I tell her that is for after you eat everything else – if that works when I am not there then WINNER)

School Lunch Ideas for the Non PB&J Eater

  • Turkey or Ham Roll-Ups – Exactly what it sounds like a piece of deli meat rolled up. Sometimes I add a piece of cheese or pickle in the middle. Recently I have had the deli slice the meat thick enough to make little cubes out of too
  • Deli Meat & Cheese Pinwheels – Usually on a tortilla with mayo spread on it with your choice of deli meat, cheese, tomato or any other things your child may like (cucumbers, avocado, peppers etc) Roll it up then cut into little slices like pinwheel size
  • Cheese Pinwheels – Think Cream cheese and chives or bacon bits, maybe your kid likes pimento cheese, or a sweet option, cream cheese with jelly. Spread it on roll it up and cut into pinwheels
  • Pasta Salad – So many choices here, we like pesto, Italian, and Caesar. This can be so easy just boil your favorite pasta then add some salad dressing and veggies your kids like. For example we like olives, tomatoes maybe some sun-dried tomatoes in our pesto pasta salad. I make it myself or get it from the store in the deli section
  • Grilled Cheese Sticks and Tomato Soup – Remember the thermos idea. Make a grilled cheese and slice in little sticks for dipping, that morning ( I know I know that morning sounds crazy, maybe don’t hit the snooze or butter the bread the night before and make while the kids are eating breakfast) then wrap in foil a few times and put the tomato soup in the thermos. Everything stays warmish until lunchtime
  • Soups during Winter time – Again lots of choices here and you can choose between homemade leftovers from night before or your favorite canned soup like chicken and stars. Serve with some crackers for dipping.
  • Snacky Lunch – Serve a bunch of snacky foods like pretzels to dip in hummus with grapes, pasta salad or side salad ( Harper loves salads with the Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing) along with string cheese or cheese cubes and Graham Crackers or Goldfish. Just think – a bunch of snacks all together to make a little meal. I bet your kid would love it – maybe have a designated day like Snack Lunch Monday – maybe you have leftovers dips or snacks from the weekend
  • Waffles – What, yes breakfast for lunch, why not! We make it for dinner sometimes so why not lunch too. Pop waffles in the toaster and serve with some cheese cubes and fruit with yogurt or even a yogurt parfait, Harper loves those.
  • Pizza Pinwheels – Spread some pizza sauce on rolled out crescent rolls and add cheese and toppings – roll up and bake then slice into pinwheels – taste good cold too
  • I found some recipes on Pinterest for Pizza Cups or Mac and Cheese cups baked in Muffin Tins – Plan on trying that one for sure.

easy school lunch ideas

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to School-time where I go when we are in a lunch rut or am in need of inspiration check it out to see what else everyone else is making .

Have an idea or suggestion I want to hear it!!

easy school lunch ideas

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