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Hummingbird Food Recipe

I love watching the hummingbirds! It is so fun and it reminds me of my Omi (German for Grandmother) she loves Hummingbirds. We also vacation to Colorado (usually near Breckenridge) and we always bring or buy a hummingbird feeder to put up where we end up staying, because they are everywhere there.

I remember my parents taking us to a visitor center a few times that had amazing views and they had numerous feeders out and so many hummingbirds. I could sit all day and watch them, it was so amazingly cool!

If you are not sure if they are where you live then you can check out this website  It will tell you where they have been spotted.  Also you can check when first sightings start so you can have your food out and ready.  It also has a TON of information on Hummingbirds.

If you are going to feed Hummingbirds be sure to take good care of them by cleaning their feeders and changing their food regularly. You can leave the food in the feeder for 4-5 days unless it is really hot out, then you will want to change it every 2-3 days.

I live in Dallas, TX where it can get over 100 degrees so I would change mine every 3 days or so. You can also tell when it needs to be changed because the water will not look as clear. I always wash the feeder with soap and water and rinse very well before refilling it.

Making your own Hummingbird food is super easy and you will never want to buy it again after making your own at home. The kids can help and they will have fun watching them eat from the feeders.

You are NOT supposed to use red dye so please do not add any, it is NOT SAFE for them. If you are worried about not attracting hummingbirds to your feeder then make sure you find a bright colored feeder or add hummingbird friendly plants to your backyard.

There are numerous ones that attract Hummingbirds. For example Azaleas, Pansies, Impatiens, Knockout Roses, Creeping Phlox, Daffodils, Hydrangeas, Portulaca, Honeysuckle, Lantana, Butterfly Bush and Gladiolas. Hummingbirds can smell the nectar but they are also attracted to bright colors. Keep your Hummingbirds happy and they will likely return next year as experts say they remember their favorite feeding spots.

Recipe for Homemade Hummingbird Food 

4 cups water

1 cup sugar ( white plain sugar)

Directions: Mix sugar and water together in a pot and bring to a boil (you can also just use very hot water and skip this whole part but some say it keeps from going bad longer if you boil it). Boil for 5 minutes then remove from heat and cool completely before filling feeder.

Remember it may take a few days for them to realize it is there just be patient. You can store unused mix in the fridge. Easy to only make half just use 2 cups water 1/2 cup sugar.

Hummingbird Food Recipe


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