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Five years have flown by and my once little baby girl is now going into Kindergarten in less than a month! How does it happen so fast! It’s like yesterday we were just coming home from the hospital, I know everyone says that but it honestly so true.

I am getting my mind right and going over everything in my head, school lunches – what will I make her my child does not like PB&J’s so I have to get creative, breakfast – I have to make sure she fills up so she doesn’t need a snack an hour later.

Week Night Dinners – Make sure there is enough time for Homework and Baths, Making sure the baby is fed before school drop off. Should I join the Community Center so I can go work out after school drop off? My mind just goes and goes with my vision of what having a kid in school will be like, plus anxiety of not knowing.

With everyone having put school supplies out recently we plan to start our Operation K adventure. I plan to start with school supplies, backpack, lunchbox, a thermos hopefully ( I loved my thermos), getting hair cuts, and anything else that I can’t think of right now.

School supplies are already starting to looked rummaged through so I am hoping to knock everything out this week. This past week it was not in our budget to start buying so we went around to scope out the stores around us to see where we will be buying our BTS supplies.

As a SAHM I try to save money on everything I can so I found that Wal Mart is actually cheaper than the Dollar Store on some stuff . Like for ex. Some 2 pack erasers for .48 and .50 for box of 24 ct. crayola crayons which are both on our School Supply list.

They also have backpacks for $9.88 with characters like PJ Mask, Elsa, Emojis, Unicorns and others along with some cool patterned backpacks as well. We plan on holding out on clothes until tax free weekend which starts August 10th this year and we plan on starting and hopefully finishing that Friday.

Check your local ads or websites for their prices and see where you should buy your supplies. More than likely we will be shopping at Wal Mart and Dollar Store. I am still waiting on clothing ads to come out for Tax Free Weekend so not sure where we will start for clothes.

Where do you shop for Back to School supplies? Any tips you can share for a first timer will be greatly appreciated.



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