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When was the Last time I Showered – Confessions of a SAHM

Yep, not sure when I showered last sometimes, to be honest. Luckily I do not radiate an overwhelming body stench when I haven’t showered in a few days, that’s right I said it, a few days.

Plus we stay at home quite a bit right now because it is so hot and a hot 14 month old is no fun. Especially when you live within 5-10 minutes of pretty much everything, errands just suck on a hot day, the car doesn’t get cool all the way and you are sweating constantly.

Plus if I shower that means I have to try to do something with my hair which takes time I do not have usually or want to spend. My hubs is out the door before the sun comes up for work so my shower time is usually during nap time for little man.

Harper, my 5-year-old, can entertain herself for the most part, except every 5 minutes when she wants a snack and doesn’t hesitate to come ask while I am in the shower. So needless to say baby wipes and cleansing cloths are my bestie!

I ask, how often do you do things you should be doing everyday? Brush your teeth, your hair ya, ya I know I live on mouthwash though so I am not nasty.

Do you put on make up everyday, I don’t. Should I, maybe. I am sure this will all change when Harper starts Kindergarten in August, hopefully I will be presentable when I drop her off and pick her up for school.

I totally forget to get myself ready some days, then get in the car and see myself in the mirror, well shit it’s to late now the kids are already in the car seat – We’ve already gone to far. I rarely even wax my eyebrows anymore and the last time I had a mani/pedi HA, years maybe!

I am pretty sure I have slipped into the SAHM blues. Maybe we have stayed at home to much or I am letting the heat be our excuse for not venturing out. Either way next week I am implementing Operation K.

We will be beating the crowds HOPEFULLY and plan to knock out school supply shopping. I also plan to wake up before the kids at 6:30AM (sobs) and squeeze in a work out and maybe silent coffee and breakfast without Nic screaming at me so I can get myself into a new routine before school starts.

Then maybe I will move onto Harper getting up earlier, besides that will mean an earlier bedtime right? That’s my plan at least, I have been mentally preparing myself. I know some of you are probably laughing but I like to sleep and stay up late so I am going to have to find a balance.

Plus I have major trouble falling asleep because I have psoriasis and it bugs me most at night. Add that to a mind that never turns off and bam 1+ hours to fall asleep at night!

I think the point of this is to remind myself and all other Moms out there to take me time. We have little eyes on us and I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

Me time for myself is like a reset button, I feel refreshed and it gives me a chance to miss my kids. Something that I don’t get to feel often since I stay at home.

Not only that but I get to see the faces of my kids when I come home after being gone for a few hours, something my husband gets to see everyday. Well at least Nic’s face and excitement I am back, Harper’s usually like Mommy’s home and goes back to whatever it was she was doing.

Next time the kids go to Grandmas I will make sure to take some “ME” time and do some things for myself! You too!

I just want to Shower

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