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Me Time & Night Cleaning

How I squeeze in “Me Time” and get a clean house.

Every now and then everyone in the house is in bed before 9. Our kids are usually by 8:00 and sometimes Eric is so tired he’s not far after ( he wakes up at 4:45 for work).

When this rare occasion occurs I do a little happy dance! That means I get a little more alone time than I usually do. I do go to bed when Eric does sometimes because I feel so exhausted but usually I stay up later than him.

Let’s face it, it’s my quiet time I never get to have. Plus I get to enjoy TV shows I can’t watch anymore in front of the kids like Real Housewives, or Grey’s Anatomy,  Queen of the South or my guilty pleasure, Jersey Shore Vacation which I still haven’t finished. Oh what I would give to go dancing, I like to live vicariously through the girls on there!

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My “Me Time” might be different than you imagine yours. I try to do all sorts of things when I get my me time.

If the kids are in bed early along with my Husband then I get my Me Time and squeeze in a few Netflix shows or catch up on my DVR recordings.

Me Time is easiest to squeeze in when the kids are in bed but there are other ways to get Me Time too.

Sometimes when Eric gets home I will go “run errands”. Whether it is a trip to the grocery store or a Target Run I will go by myself.

This is a good way to squeeze in that me time. Me time can also mean Quiet Time! Anyone else appreciate Quiet Time!? I mean even if it is at the grocery store without the kids, it is still quiet time (or not being responsible for another human being for the moment time).

I get to take my time at the store when I go by myself. Scanning the isles for something new, or maybe a good deal.

Have you ever slowly walked around Target. If you take your time you can find some AWESOME mark downs on stuff.

Or what about Aldi. I find really cool items there when I take my time and look at everything.

It is just hard to take your time at the store when you have the kids with you. They can only stand boring grocery shopping for so long.

So this is just one of my ways to get away and get something done at the same time (even if I took two hours to get one thing from Target).

Alone time just does not come often when you are a stay at home Mom (or a Mom period) and neither does a clean house! I have learned that, but still working on accepting it.

A Stay at home mom was built up in my head so differently – always a clean house, laundry done, dinner prepped and ready, always on time LOL LOL LOL Ya Right!

If you’ve got it mastered then your kids are probably off to college, Am I right! I have been at it just over a year and it has been crazy.

The chores Never end, EVER, dinner is rarely served “on time” laundry still piles up, toys EVERYWHERE, non-stop dishes, the list goes on and on, and on. Alone time is GOLD as a Mom, well, better than gold – silence.

Which brings me to something that helps me out personally – Night Cleaning.

What the hell right, am I crazy – NO – Apparently it IS a thing! I read it on a Mom Blog somewhere I came across on Pinterest one time and I thought, what a good idea, why didn’t I think of that!

I started doing it every now and then to get ahead of things and it does help me out. Like seeing my entire dining room table for a day or all the mail sorted or fold laundry, whatever it is that needs to be done that might not get done otherwise, basically.

I don’t do massive dishes or vacuum, I don’t want to wake the sleeping angels right! Just try it and let me know how it makes you feel.

A clean house makes me feel so accomplished, or it shows I did something at least. I find I ask myself what in the world I did all day because the house never seems in order.

When I clean after the kids go to bed not only does it stay that way for a little bit but I wake up to a clean house.

I love to do it especially before busy weekends or if I know we will not be home all day. I get the house all nice and clean and try to get ahead of things.

Hey, the longer it can stay clean the better right!

How do you squeeze in Me Time?

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